What To Avoid With Roof Leak Repairs

One of the most common roofing issues involves leaks. Leaks can result from various reasons, including old roofing and improperly installed flashing. Here are some things you should avoid when fixing roof leaks.

Walking on Your Roof

You shouldn't walk on your roof when trying to trace the source of a leak. Walking on the roof will disturb the shingle granules. As a result, the roof will lose its protective coating leading to additional roof leaks.

Moreover, walking on roof shingles will dislodge the shingles and form gaps where leaks can occur. A roofing expert knows how and where to walk on a roof to not cause any damage.

Wrong or Poor-Quality Materials

You should be wary of the materials you choose for roofing. If you invest in poor-quality materials to resolve a leak, your leak repairs will be short-lived. Furthermore, mismatching shingles is another mistake you should avoid when fixing leaks. This doesn't address the issues and will lower your home's value and curb appeal. For this reason, enlist a professional roofer to install high-quality matching shingles.

Using Old Flashing

One of the reasons for a recurring roof leak is reusing old flashing. The central role of valley flashing is to direct water off your roof. When installing a new roof to resolve a roof leak, you should use new flashing, especially on a drip edge.

Old flashing wears down and is distorted faster than new flashing. This puts your home at risk of leaks. Moreover, any nails sticking above grade will further create opportunities for water to leak.

Using Wrong Materials or Equipment

Another common mistake when repairing roof leaks is using cheap repair materials. A leak repair will not last long if you substitute durable materials with cheap ones. For example, some waterproofing layers may have to be glued with hot air or heat sealed. This is why roofers use special equipment to regulate the burner flames' heat temperatures. 

The insulation may not work if the temperature isn't correct. Therefore, attempting to save money through DIY repairs using the wrong equipment and materials will cost you more. Hiring a roofer will save you the trouble of buying specialized equipment and ensuring your leaks are fixed professionally.

In Closing

Many homeowners make the mistake of taking the roof leak repair job lightly. Leaks can result in structural and internal damage. Water damage may also affect your furniture and other household items. When you notice signs of a roof leak, make sure you hire a roofing professional to handle the problem.

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