Do You Have An Outdated And Damaged Liner Pool At Your New Home? Ask For These Repair Services Today

Purchasing a home with an in-ground liner pool can be exciting, but if you can see there are issues with the pool that are concerning, get the pool looked at right away. Call a pool company to come to your property so they can clean the pool, check the filtration and heating system, and evaluate the condition.

If the pool was installed several years ago, there may be some updates to make that will help make maintenance easier. Talk with the pool repair company about the following things.

Change to Saltwater Filtration

There are many reasons to change to a saltwater system, instead of the traditional chlorine system the pool uses. The salt used will be:

  • Less damaging to fabrics and swimwear
  • Better for the skin and body in comparison to chlorine
  • Lower maintenance
  • Odor free

There are minimal amounts of chlorine used in a saltwater filtration system, and you don't have to worry about pouring in jugs of chemicals or throwing in chlorine tablets regularly.

Upgrade the Heater

Pool heaters have changed a lot in the past few years, and the pool heater that is currently installed may be old and outdated. Get a new efficient heating option that will heat the pool faster and consume less energy to lower your bills.

Replace the Liner

If the liner is outdated, faded, ripped, or has other concerns, replacing it will be best. This way you can pick out a liner that is modern and that matches your style instead of the previous homeowner's. There are different liner options that you can choose from that are designed for durability and tear resistance, so be sure to invest in a high-quality liner that is going to last after you make the investment to have it installed.

Get a quote for all the work that needs to be completed to make the pool safe, functional, and updated. The quote should have these details:

  • Cost for all materials
  • Exact liner product number and information
  • Permits and fees
  • Wages for installation

The pool contractor should also put an estimated start date and timeline for this project on the quote. Ask the professional giving you the quote how long they will honor it. Components can change in cost quickly, so the quote may only be good for a limited time.

If you know the pool at a property you just bought needs a lot of work, don't waste time. Reach out to a pool repair service to learn more. 

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