Why Install A Silicone Coating System On Your Warehouse Roof?

If your warehouse's roof is old and worn, or simply doesn't look good, then you might be thinking about replacing it. However, if the roof is basically in a sound condition, then this might seem like a waste of money right now.

As an alternative, you might be able to use a silicone roof coating system instead. Here, your roofing contractor applies a layer of liquid silicone over the roof to repair and restore its surfaces.

What are the benefits of using a silicone coating solution?

Restore Your Roof

If your roof isn't protecting your warehouse as well as it used to, then you need to find a way to restore its protective capabilities. If your roof lets in water, then this water can damage the roof and your warehouse's structure. This damage can be a costly fix.

If your roof is basically sound, then a silicone coating will restore its strength. The coating gives you an additional protective layer against damage and weather penetration. The surface becomes more effective.

Reduce Your Roof Restoration Costs

If you decide to remove and replace your warehouse's roof, then your costs will be high. A new roof is a significant financial investment.

If you apply a silicone coating, then you restore your roof at a lower cost. The silicone makes your roof stronger; it also gives it a cosmetic makeover. A coating could solve the problems you have with your roof without high replacement costs.

Plus, if you've done repairs in the past where you've added another layer to the roof, then you might not be able to use this kind of fix again. Local codes might restrict the number of roofing systems you can use on a commercial roof.

If your codes have this restriction, then you might have to remove at least one layer before you can restore the roof again. Silicone systems don't typically count as a roofing system, so you can often apply them and stay within code. This also reduces your restoration costs.

Fix Your Roof Faster

A full roof replacement takes a lot of time. Your contractor will have to take down your existing roof and replace it. While other restoration processes, such as painting or polyurethane sprays, are faster than a tear-down and replacement, they still involve quite a lot of work.

If you want to improve your roof's cosmetics and its capabilities faster, then a silicone roof coating is a good option. Your contractor will have minimal prep work to do. They simply spray or roll the silicone over your roof. You get a virtually instant fix.

To find out more about silicone coatings and their benefits, contact a company such as Danny Odom & Son Roofing.

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