4 Compelling Reasons To Consider Installing Impact Windows

If you reside in a hurricane-prone region, stormy seasons often cause anxiety. Therefore, you should always be prepared. So, how can you prevent damage from strong winds and flying debris? Impact windows are designed to look like regular windows, but they are sturdy and more resistant to impact. If you want to upgrade your windows, this post will highlight reasons to consider impact windows. 

1. Added Protection Against Storms 

One of the biggest benefits of investing in impact windows is protection against storms. Regular window panes crash at the slightest impact of flying debris. They often leave you with expensive repairs to handle. Installing shutters can be quite tedious because you have to pull down the blinds every time there's a hurricane alert. However, impact windows are clear and always ready to protect your house from storms. They don't need to be pulled up and down. You could be away from home, and the impact windows will do their job to prevent structural damage. 

2. Discounts On Home Insurance 

Are you wondering whether impact windows are worth the investment? Installing impact windows demands a significant upfront cost at first. However, you'll be surprised to discover that the improvement can help you negotiate for lower insurance premiums. If you live in a region prone to hurricanes, many insurance firms charge high premiums due to the high risk of damage during a storm. However, installing impact windows minimizes these risks and might attract discounts or lower insurance premiums, saving money in the long run. 

3. Improve Home Security 

Impact windows function all year round, even in the absence of hurricanes. When properly installed, these structures can improve your home's security. Most impact windows have multiple layers of strengthened glass blended with synthetic materials, making them resistant to penetration and shattering. 

In the event of a break-in, a burglar will struggle to break the glass. If they break the glass, the synthetic materials in the window will hold the shards together, making it hard for the burglars to get in. This might give you confidence and peace of mind.  

4. Noise-Canceling 

Impact windows are excellent investments if you live near a busy road, neighborhood, or school. The multiple layers of glass used to strengthen it significantly reduce noise. During a hurricane storm, the impact windows will reduce the noise generated when debris hits the surface to help you and your kids feel safe at home. 

The damage caused by storms can be expensive and hazardous. If traditional shutters don't wow you, consider investing in impact windows to enjoy these benefits. Remember to consult a competent window installer to avoid making mistakes during the installation process. For more information on impact window installation, contact a professional near you.

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