Wood Cabinetry With A Protective Layer

Wall, corner, and base cabinetry will increase storage within your commercial business and add style to an office, warehouse, or commercial kitchen. Wood cabinets are popular due to the warmth and style they exude. A laminated material is often used to reface cabinetry. This will protect the wood from chemical damage and permanent staining.

Protection Within A Work Environment

Homeowners often choose laminated cabinetry due to the protective qualities of the laminating material. Adding cabinetry to a home can be costly, especially if a unique wood product is used to build each cabinet.

Protection within a work environment may be even more essential. Cabinetry that is going to be accessed daily is prone to scratches, stains, and other damages. If chemicals are used at a place of business, the chemicals could ruin the stain or varnish that is applied to a wooden cabinet door or frame. A cabinet manufacturer may feature some wooden products that contain a laminated surface. 


Wooden cabinetry includes solid wood products, wood that contains a veneer, and wood that contains a laminate coating. Solid wood cabinetry is the most prone to damage. A veneer is a protective surface that may resemble wood. It is typically affixed over the door or other parts of a cabinet that will be touched on a frequent basis.

A laminate coating is a thin film that may contain an epoxy material or another durable material. A laminate coating can be added to engineered or natural wood products. A compressed wooden core is manufactured first. A cutting and sanding process is conducted afterward. A laminate coating is applied next.


If you haven't purchased cabinetry before, your contractor's guidance will help you learn about some natural and engineered wood products that will be functional and attractive. A contractor can install wood cabinets that contain dividers, drawers, or fully open and closed shelving. Cabinet knobs and handles can be customized. Your work environment should be visually assessed during one of the first meetings you conduct with your building contractor so you can take your workflow and space restrictions into account.

During a consultation, you can provide details about what types of operations are performed within your business and any variables that could influence the type of cabinetry material or style that will be installed. Choosing wood products that are adequately protected will preserve the investment that you make to have new commercial cabinetry installed.

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