4 Ways To Prepare For A Kitchen Remodeling Project

Whether you're doing a complete kitchen redesign or just replacing the cabinets, a kitchen remodeling project requires a lot of preparation and planning. In the course of the remodeling, you and your loved ones may not be able to gather in the kitchen to prepare and have your meals. Also, depending on the work being done, you can expect lots of movement and activity in your kitchen. To ensure the project is a success, here are four simple ways you can prepare. 

Cover Items for Dust Protection

Your remodeling contractors will do their best to protect your items from dust during the remodeling period. However, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. A lot of dust and debris will be flowing through the air, especially if you're handling major renovations. 

Cover all the valuable items in and around the kitchen using plastic sheeting or tarps. If your kitchen is adjacent to another room, you can hang plastic on the door to keep dust off the room. Protecting your items from dust keeps them clean and safeguards them against damage. 

Keep Your Pets Away From the Site

If your pets are used to spending time in the kitchen, they may want to pass through the area during the project. Unfortunately, the space may contain harmful tools, such as saws, angle grinders, nails, and hammers, posing serious safety risks to your pets. Besides, the dirt and dust from the project could harm them if they breathe in. 

Protect your pets by setting up a kennel or a separate room where they can stay until the project is complete. Alternatively, you can have a pal or family member stay with your pets during the remodeling period. 

Arrange for a Temporary Kitchen

Consider creating a temporary kitchen if you'll not be using your kitchen during the remodeling. This doesn't have to be something complicated. You can set aside some space for the new kitchen in your living room, dining room, store, or any other spacious area. You can even have the kitchen outdoors since it's just for a few days. 

While at it, pack all the foods in dry boxes and move them to a dry area. Ideally, you should have the foods near your temporary kitchen to avoid inconveniences while cooking. But if it's not possible, you can still store them in another area within your home. 

Disconnect Critical Lines from the Kitchen

Before the remodeling starts, disconnect the electricity, gas, and plumbing lines from your kitchen. An unexpected accident may occur during the remodeling to disrupt these lines. If they are still connected, you risk causing power outages, fires, gas leaks, or floods. If you're not sure whether your remodeling project is big enough to disrupt these lines, consult your kitchen remodeling contractors.  

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