A Few Considerations For Kitchen Renovations

Remodeling your home should never be taken lightly. You need to consider the look and feel you want for each room. Generally speaking, the living areas and bedrooms can be completely renovated with some paint, flooring, new furniture, and perhaps new lighting fixtures. While this is also true for the kitchen, a true complete kitchen remodel should include a few other things. Consider the following when it comes time to create the kitchen of your dreams.


Small appliances and gadgets, cookware, dishes, and pantry items must all have a place in your kitchen. You want everything to be accessible but do not want the place to look cluttered. Consider different types of storage units and what will work best for you. Take advantage of every inch of a storage unit. Make sure cabinets can be used from the floor to the ceiling, do not leave any space blocked. If the cabinet does not go to the ceiling, make sure to leave enough space on top of them to store or display things.

Work Flow

Think about how you work when cooking or baking. Consider the placement of the stove, oven, refrigerator, and sink in relation to each other. You need to be able to go from one station to the next with ease, in a natural manner. An efficient setup will also have a work area within reach of these stations. You should be able to go from the refrigerator to a prep area and then on to the stove or oven with ease. This is especially true when there will be more than one person preparing the meal.

Social Area

Even if you always eat your meals in a separate dining room, it is a good idea to have an area where people can sit and talk with you while you are cooking. This could be a small bistro set out of the workflow area or even a few stools set up at a counter or island. You do not want your kitchen to feel as if you are isolated from family or guests while preparing a meal. 

The kitchen is often a very social area of the house. The proper arrangement of appliances and work area is important to keep the room open, light, and happy. If your current kitchen is on the small side, consider taking out a wall or opening it up to the dining area. A well-planned kitchen can become the hub of your home.

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