Choosing The Right Roofing For Your Home And Working With Your Contractor

Roofing installation is a big job and requires attention to detail. In general, all roof installation projects should start with a plan. Roofing installation includes preparing the site and removing the existing rooftop (if it exists). This step will not only remove the old roof but is also an opportunity to evaluate and possibly replace other parts of the structure that are damaged or in need of repair. Items like vents, downspouts, and gutters may have fallen into disrepair or be missing entirely, which can cause roof leakage issues. Also, leaks at windows, doors, and walls may require attention before installing the roof itself. It is also a good time for homeowners to check for water stains in their ceilings or indication of mold or mildew anywhere in their home. The following roof installation information will help you deal with these issues.

Making Your Roof Installation Last

To make your new roof installation last as long as possible, it's important to follow a few maintenance steps when you first have the roof installed and then keep up with regular inspections.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your new roof installation:

  • Make sure the contractor has installed all flashing properly around the chimney and other walls.
  • Be sure there are no nails or staples sticking out from the roof.
  • Check that all shingles are nailed properly, and none are missing.
  • Inspect for any obvious damage to the roof, like dented or cracked shingles.
  • Be aware of your roof's weak spot — where two planes meet or where a skylight is located.
  • Ask about a warranty for the workmanship and materials on your new roof installation.

These things will help ensure your new roof lasts for years after the installation is completed. 

Different Types of Roofing 

When you're getting a new roof, you want to make sure that the material you choose is right for your house. Here are some of the most common materials people use today:

  • Asphalt shingles: These are the most popular option because they're available in a variety of colors and styles, and they're relatively inexpensive. 
  • Wood shakes or shingles: This type of roofing lasts decades before it needs to be replaced — as long as it's well maintained and kept clean.
  • Metal roofing: It's durable, but if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, it may not be the best choice since the snow will fall off easily due to its smooth surface.
  • Slate tiles: Slate can last up to centuries if installed properly and sealed properly, making this an attractive option for homeowners looking for a permanent roof solution. It's also very durable and can withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws at it.

There are also other roofing options, such as tiles or stamped metal shingles. 

When you're getting a roof installed on your home, it's helpful to think about things like roof materials, roof maintenance, and roof ventilation. Contact a roof installation contractor to get the professional help you need with these things. 

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