Time To Install Gutters? Important Reasons For Homeowners To Opt For Seamless Aluminum

Whether you have decided to upgrade your home by adding a guttering system or you need to replace an existing system that is leaking or damaged, the first decision should be to select the type of material for the project. Gutters, downspouts and the hangers and fittings needed to install them are readily available in several materials, including copper, steel, vinyl, and aluminum. While guttering made of any type of material can offer benefits to homeowners by helping to protect their home and property, there are some important reasons for selecting seamless aluminum gutters for residential use. 

Aluminum is lightweight and easy to install

When installing a new gutter system, homeowners often first consider the use of vinyl, especially if they have had a good experience with other vinyl products, such as residential siding or fencing. While easy to cut, handle and install, the lightweight nature of vinyl guttering can actually hinder its ability to withstand the weight and stress exerted on it by rainwater and melting snow and ice.

Aluminum guttering is also lightweight, but much stronger and more durable than its vinyl counterpart. Because seamless aluminum gutters are custom-made at the site where they are being installed, homeowners never have to worry about seams leaking or coming apart, even on large roofs. 

Aluminum is budget-friendly

Cost is a concern for most homeowners when considering any type of home upgrade or improvement project. When installing a new guttering system, homeowners can typically expect aluminum guttering prices to be much less than most other materials that offer similar durability and strength. Copper, while beautiful, is typically the most expensive guttering material, with stainless steel and steel gutters also more being more costly than the cost of installing a quality seamless gutter system made from aluminum. 

Aluminum guttering is an ecologically good choice

Another important reason for selecting aluminum as the material for your residential guttering project is that it is a fully recyclable material. While quality seamless aluminum guttering is designed to offer decades of useful protection in residential applications, sections that do become damaged can be easily recycled into new guttering or other aluminum products. Unlike vinyl, aluminum guttering does not release potentially toxic chemicals into the environment during the manufacturing process or when exposed to fire.

Your decision on guttering material is an important one for your home, family, and budget. To get specific information, including current project cost estimates,  homeowners will want to take time to meet with a seamless aluminum gutter installation contractor in their area.

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