Equipment To Rent Before Sidewalk Repair Work

Sidewalks are designed to last for a long time, but there are times that these areas require repair. If your company will be performing some repair work on one or more sidewalks around your community, you'll want to think about the equipment that you can set up around this work zone. A work zone equipment supplier can provide you with a number of options that will work well in this application, helping you to achieve your goals of alerting the public to this work and preventing anyone from sustaining an injury. Here are some pieces of equipment to rent for your sidewalk work.

Type III Barricade

A Type III barricade is a versatile barricade that you can use in several different types of work zones, including those around sidewalks. It's ideal in this application because it's highly visible, which will allow people to spot it from a distance — even in low-light conditions. These barricades are also wide enough that they can fully block the sidewalk, thus preventing a pedestrian from walking past the barrier and continuing on to where the work is taking place. You'll want a Type III barricade at each end of the sidewalk project to keep pedestrians at bay.

Sidewalk Closed Sign

The presence of a barricade should dissuade some pedestrians from approaching your work area on the sidewalk, but you may want additional equipment to ensure that everyone stays away. Another piece of equipment to rent is a sign that reads "Sidewalk Closed." This will make it clear to pedestrians that they should not proceed toward the work zone and attempt to walk through it. There are several of these signs that not only alert people to the closure of the sidewalk, but also give them additional instructions. For example, one sign might also read "Use Other Side," which will encourage pedestrians to cross to the sidewalk on the other side of the street.

Pedestrian Trench Cover

Depending on the extent of your repair work, it may not be complete in just a single day. This means that there may be a hole or gap in the sidewalk that you leave overnight, and this could be a hazard to people who ignore your barrier and sign and proceed along the sidewalk anyway. A good device to rent is a pedestrian trench cover, which is a robust piece of equipment made of rubber and plastic that you place over any holes or gaps. If someone ignores the warnings and walks into the work zone, they'll likely walk over the trench cover instead of potentially fall into a hole or gap and hurt themselves.

Reach out to a professional who provides work zone equipment for more information. 

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