Why Professionally Mixed Construction Conrete Is Desirable

Choosing to work with a professional construction concrete contractor can make a gigantic difference for any job. If you're not sure why it's wise to turn to a pro, here are four reasons why many people choose to hire one.


Far and away, the biggest advantage of using professionally made concrete is the mixing process. It's an art form to devise the right mixture for a job.

Modern concrete employs some combination of cement, sand, stone aggregates, and water to produce results. If you're not prepared to nail the numbers for a specific mixture precisely every time, you can produce varied or poor results.

Conversely, the concrete that's available through retailers is pretty much a fire-and-forget solution. That's great if you're pouring a sidewalk as a Saturday chore. It's not so great if you're building a foundation or parking garage. You will often need the flexibility that comes with having a professional mix the materials at your project site.


Making concrete at the rate necessary for many construction jobs is not a simple task. It requires access to the right equipment, and you need to hire people who know how to use the machinery. From the time you start mixing concrete, the clock starts ticking on the curing process. When the timing is wrong, you can end up with brittle, chunky, or cracked concrete.


Putting together the know-how and necessary equipment for mixing is one thing. It's another game entirely to understand which type of concrete is appropriate for a specific job. There's a world of difference between the relatively soupy mixture that might be used for a decorative project versus the dry and compact mixture that supports heavy structures.

If you need someone to talk shop with an engineer or architect, a construction concrete professional can help. They'll assess the issues at the site and the requirements for the project. From there, the concrete contractor can determine what will be needed. If the ground needs to be engineered, they can also pass along their concerns to the folks who'll handle excavation and filling.

Licenses, Bonds, and Insurance

As with any aspect of a construction effort, liability can end up being a big deal. There's a lot to be said for the confidence that comes with hiring a licensed contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured. If something goes awry, you'll know that it will be covered.

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