4 Common Boiler Issues & Repairs You Need To Know About

When you own a boiler, you need to aware of the issues that could arise with your boiler. A boiler is an effective way to heat your home. Since boilers don't have that many moving parts, they generally don't need as many repairs as other types of heating systems.

However, that doesn't mean boilers are repair-free machines. There are a few repair issues that commonly develop in boilers over time. It is essential to know what these issues are, so you can keep an eye out for them and take care of these issues when they arise.

Issue #1: Damaged Heating Element

If you have an electric boiler, the broiler's heating element will more than likely fail eventually. Electric broilers contain two heating elements that heat the water. When one of the heating element fails, you will notice that the water temperature will decrease inside the boiler.

When one of the heating element fails, you will need a professional to come out and replace one of the burnt-out heating elements. Once the heating element is replaced, the water temperature will rise, and you will get all the heat you need.

Issue #2: Sediment Build-Up

If you live somewhere with hard water, you will want to flush the bottom of the tank. This is something that you are going to want to have a technician handle every few years.

If you don't flush out the sediment, over time, you will notice that your boiler doesn't heat water as effectively as it once did. If your boiler is experiencing a slight decrease in its efficiency, all you may need to do is get all the limescale and sediment cleaned and removed from the bottom of the tank.

Issue #3: No Heat

If you are not getting any heat at all in your home, not just a decrease in the heat, more than likely, the circulator pump in the boiler is experiencing an issue. The circulating pump may have a part that needs to be replaced, or the entire circulator pump may need to be replaced.

The circulator pump is one of the more complex parts inside of your furnace. You are going to want to allow a professional to handle this job. It is important to keep in mind that with the right repair schedule, you should avoid having to replace the circulator pump.

Issue #4: Corrosion

If your heat pump is impacted with rust, you have a few options. If just a single part is rusted, such as the heat exchanger, you will want to replace that part as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of corrosion throughout the system. If multiple parts are corroded, you are going to need to install a new boiler.

Boilers don't require the same level of repairs as other heating systems; however, they can develop issues. To keep your boiler running smoothly, get a yearly inspection. With an annual inspection, technicians can perform preventative maintenance that will keep you from needing emergency repairs. If something isn't working right, it is always best to call in a professional to assist you.

To learn more, reach out to a local boiler repair professional.

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