Fire Extinguisher Location Tips To Help Keep Your Family Safe

Thousands of family homes are damaged or destroyed by fire each year. Many of these fires start small, a situation in which well-prepared homeowners may have a brief opportunity to extinguish the flames before they can spread out of control. 

Sadly, far too many homes are extensively damaged or completely lost to a house fire because the occupants do not have a fire extinguisher on hand. Homeowners who want to make sure their home is equipped to put out small fires can use these location tips to ensure that their home is as equipped as possible to extinguish a fire before major damage can occur. 

Near cooking areas and heat sources

Cooking and heating sources are the primary causes of many home fires, so it makes sense to place a fire extinguisher in each of these areas. Because of the danger of grease and other fires related to cooking, it is important to have a working fire extinguisher installed near the kitchen stove and oven. 

If the kitchen is designed with a pantry near the stove, a fire extinguisher can be placed on the pantry wall where it will be easily accessible in an emergency. If there is no pantry nearby, the fire extinguisher that can be placed on a wall within a few steps of the cooking area should be considered.  

Fire extinguishers should also be located near furnaces, fireplaces, and areas where any type of portable or permanent heat-producing appliances are located and used. 

Inside garages, basements, and workshops

Areas in or adjoining the home where vehicles are parked, power tools are used, or flammable solvents and chemicals are stored are potential places where fires can start. Locating a fire extinguisher in each of these areas will help provide a way to extinguish any small fire that may occur in these locations. 

Seasonal locations

The holiday season is ruined each year by fires that result from faulty lights, candles, or other causes. Homeowners can help to reduce their risk of experiencing this type of emergency during the holiday lighting season by making sure that one or more fire extinguishers are readily available. 

Another seasonal fire risk is when a barbecue grill is located too close to the exterior surfaces of the home and the heat it produces ignites the home's siding. To avoid the potential crisis of a cookout gone wrong, homeowners should install a suitable fire extinguisher in a sheltered area near the grill. 

To learn more about having a fire extinguisher for your home, contact a reputable fire extinguisher supplier or contractor in your area. 

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