Repairing Cracks In Your Concrete Floor Or Walls

Concrete is an extremely durable material, but it can crack with the ground's movement under the concrete or if something extremely heavy impacts the concrete. Repairing the cracks in the concrete are not difficult, but you need to make sure you use a high-quality crack filler to get the best results.

Premix Concrete Crack Filler

There are several brands of concrete crack filler available that contains premix cement in a bottle with a tip that allows you to pour the crack filler directly into the crack from the bottle. This filler is excellent for horizontal surfaces like floors or slabs but is often too thin to stay in a vertical crack. 

Before you use this or any crack filling material, make sure you clean all the debris out of the crack with compressed air or a vacuum strong enough to pull the material out. Pour the filler into the crack and allow it to run into the crack and fill it from the bottom to the top. You may need to put a little crack filler in the crack and allow it to settle then add more, repeating the process until it stops settling into the crack.

Epoxy Crack Fillers

Another option for filling the cracks in concrete is to use a two-part epoxy crack filler designed specifically for concrete. The material comes in an injector that mixes the two chemicals in the epoxy together as you apply it. The epoxy will cure much faster than a premix crack filler, so you will need to use the crack filler quickly. 

Most two-part epoxies cure in five to ten minutes so you can fill the cracks and paint over the repair the same day if you need to. If you are not sure which epoxy crack filler to use, ask at your local home center or hardware store. The associate there can help you find the right product for your situation.

Solid Crack Fillers

For small vertical cracks in concrete, some solid crack fillers can be easier to use than liquids. The material is often latex-based filler that is pressed into the crack, and then heat is applied to melt the material so it seeps into the crack. While it is easy to work with, it is not as strong as a premix or epoxy crack filler. 

The crack filler can be painted over once it is cured, but it often comes in dark colors like black or gray, so you may need to apply a coat of sealer or primer over it before painting. 

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