Pressure Washing Your Property's Concrete Surfaces

Your home likely has a number of concrete surfaces that will need to be maintained. For example, many homes will have driveways that are paved with concrete, retaining walls made of concrete, or concrete patio areas.

How Can Pressure Washing Benefit Your Concrete Surfaces?

Concrete surfaces can become extremely dirt as a result of soil getting trapped in the small pores and crevices that can be found on the surface of the concrete. These materials can be extremely difficult to remove with manual scrubbing, but pressure washing will be able to easily dislodge these substances and wash them away. This will be able to dramatically improve the appearance of the concrete, and it can also help you with applying sealcoats as it will prevent dirt and soil from interfering with the ability of the sealcoat to fully bond to the surface of the concrete.

Is It Safe To Pressure-Wash Your Own Concrete Surfaces?

While there are rental services that will allow you to use a pressure-washing system, you may want to avoid attempting to pressure-wash your concrete surfaces on your own. The intense forces of the water can cause dirt and soil to become airborne, which can lead to it getting in your eyes or even being inhaled. Furthermore, the entire surface will need to be cleaned in an even way. Otherwise, some areas of the concrete may be cleaner than others. Lastly, you may accidentally cause damage if you are attempting to pressure-wash a concrete surface that is near your home's windows as flying debris could damage the glass. By working with a professional pressure-washing service, you can greatly reduce these risks while also minimizing the amount of labor that you must do.

What Can Be Done To Prevent The Pressure-Washing Results From Fading?

After you invest the time and money into having the concrete surfaces pressure-washed, you may want to take some basic steps to keep these results for as long as possible. The most important will be performing light cleaning of the concrete surface by spraying it with a high-pressure garden hose attachment every few weeks. Additionally, the application of a sealcoat after you pressure-wash the surface can help to extend the life of these results as the sealcoat can prevent dirt from coming into direct contact with the concrete so that it will be easier to wash away. These simple steps can allow the results of the pressure washing to last for several years before the concrete will need this work again.

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