Bought A Used Washing Machine? Tips To Keep It In Top Condition

If you purchased a used washing machine, simple things like cleaning and maintenance can help keep it in good shape and prevent costly damages to your washer. Below are three things you can do to keep the used washer running for you for a long time.

Clean the Soap Condenser

You likely do not even think about the soap condenser where you put your laundry detergent. Just because what you put in it is a type of soap does not mean it does not get dirty. If you use powder laundry detergent, it can clump up over time. Once this happens, not all of the detergent will get to your clothes, so they will not be as clean. So you should clean the soap condenser from time to time. Fortunately, this is something that is very easy to do. Simply pull the soap dispenser out, wash it with some warm water and dish soap, and rinse. Dry it off and put it back into the washing machine. Check the dispenser periodically in the future and clean it when needed.

Inspect Hoses

If you have noticed your washer is not getting as much water during the water cycle, your clothes are likely not getting enough water to thoroughly get clean. In most cases this problem is due to a loose hose that is behind the washing machine on the bottom. The hose will be connected by a metal O ring. Over time, this ring will become loose. Fortunately, this is easy to fix. Simply use a wrench to tighten up the O ring onto the hose. This will make the hose completely sealed shut so your washing will get the full amount of water it needs during the wash cycle.

Keep it Level

If you notice that your washing machine vibrates and rocks back and forth during the spin cycle, this means it is not level. You need to keep your washing as close to the floor as you can. The closer it is to the floor, the less chance of it vibrating. In many cases, the front legs of washing machines are adjustable using a lock nut. Use the lock nut to turn the legs until they are as close to the floor as possible.

If you have any problems with your washing machine that you cannot fix, hire an appliance repair technician, such as those at 5 Corners Appliance Company, to come to your home immediately. The longer you have the problem the more damage it will do, and you will end up paying high repair bills or having to buy a new washer.

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